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Paper with Code

We open source code of papers here. All paper list can be browsed in publication page

  • Skinned Motion Retargeting with Residual Perception of Motion Semantics & Geometry, Neural motion retargeting model that can preserve the source motion semantics and avoid interpenetration in the target motion, CVPR 2023, Code

  • MixSTE: Seq2seq Mixed Spatio-Temporal Encoder for 3D Human Pose Estimation in Video, 3D Human pose estimation method from monocular data using Transformer, CVPR 2022, Code

  • Motion-driven Visual Tempo Learning for Video-based Action Recognition, Video action recognition method via motion representation learning, TIP 2022, Code

  • Dataset

    We list our published datasets and correspondng project pages here.

  • FADE, The first one for FAlling object DEtection dataset around buildings, Project Page

  • EBPersons, The first one for Person Detection at the Edges of Buildings, Project Page

  • Dark-48, A dark video dataset for action recognition in the dark., Project Page

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